Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Subliminal Stories"
Design by Steve Vance
Workbook 37

I thought this was a very attention-grabbing image.  This illustration gives a good example of a sense of space within the image, as the figure's hand reaches out toward you.  The design uses bold colors and shapes for the type.  The use of red and yellow on type that has a three-dimensional appearance makes it very attractive to the eye.  I also thought that this design was humorous.  When I looked more closely in the background, I could see "Call Steve Vance" circling the figure, like he's hypnotizing you to call the designer.  

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kozel Beer logo design
Steve Noble
Workbook 37

I really liked style for a logo design.  The designer has used a very detailed, scratchboard-like appearance to the goat and the beer between its legs.  The use of lines give the goat's hair  and horns a very textured look.  I like the pairing of scratch line work with a more smooth, clean looking type.  

Thursday, April 20, 2017

"You Are the Only Fish in the Sea for Me"
Designer:  Marco Marella
Lilla Rogers Studio
Workbook 37

I thought that this was a clever way of integrating image with typography.  I love how the designer played with the look of the words to go along with the theme (using the word "only" as the body of a fish).  This poster has a nice use of mixing different styles of fonts.  It gives the composition a visual appeal.  It made me examine the words more closely, seeing how each word is styled differently.  

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Justin Metz
"Bloomberg Businessweek" Magazine Cover
Workbook 37 pg. 518

I really enjoyed the use of form in this composition.  The designer took a classic glass Coke bottle and gave it more of a human-like form, making the front of the bottle look like a stomach and the label bending along with the curve of it.  The heavy-set form reflects the main topic of the connection between Coca-Cola and health.  This design also has a nice use of the arrangement of layering with the title of the magazine shown behind the bottle, but still peeking through the glass.  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Coca-Cola packaging design
Designer:  Thomas Hennessy
Turner Duckworth Design Firm
Workbook 37

I found this package design to be dynamic and very attention grabbing.  I love how the variety in the thickness of the lines create the form of a skier on the box.  The designer was able to integrate the wavy white line normally seen on the Coke logo in with this design concept.  The use of lines seem to give the figure they create a sense of movement.  This is a simple yet complex design.  It uses what would have been a plain white silhouette of a skier, but paired with the use of red and white lines, is an image that is much more interesting to look at.  

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pay it Forward
Column Five Media
Poster illustration 
Designers: Josh Ritchie, Nate Butler
How magazine, pg. 27, fall 2016

This poster design was inspired by a letter written by Ben Franklin. that illustrates the pay-it-forward philosophy.  The designers created a poster based on the letter and used modern typography, illustration and design styles.
I love the use of detailed line work.  They are simple lines, but they create a nicely decorated space around the text.  The arrangement of the text is arranged in a visually interesting way.  The beginning lines of the letter are placed up at the top in small paragraphs that frame the symbols in the middle on either side and at the bottom.  The rest of the text is arranged in longer, more curving lines that create a sense of movement going down towards the bottom of the design.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Different Strokes for Lovely Folks"
Kate Forrester
"Workbook" vol. 38

This image is a postcard design by Kate Forrester as part of her 'Different Strokes for Different Folks' postcard pack.  I enjoy how the style of typography goes along with the artwork that is framing it.  Though it's simple in form and color, the design is very intricate and flowing.  The design really gives you a chance to explore and find different images all throughout it.  It looks like it was a fun design to draw out!  The use of ornamentation is interesting in this composition.  It's fun and imaginative.  Looking at it made me wonder how the artist came up with such a wonderful design.